Culturelle Unisex Digestive Health Daily Probiotic Supplement, 30 Ct
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Dns ホエイプロテイン ホエイ100 レモン風味 1050g (約30回分) 水で飲める プロテイン Wpc ホエイたんぱく質 筋トレ
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Culturelle Unisex Digestive Health Daily Probiotic Supplement, 30 Ct
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Let’s face it.
Occasional digestive problems are no fun and can prove to be inconvenient - occasional upset stomach, gas, bloating, or diarrhea are uncomfortable and can be embarrassing.
Many of these digestive issues can be caused by an occasional imbalance of good bacteria in the digestive tract.
Culturelle® digestive health daily probiotic supplement contains 10 billion live active cultures of lactobacillus rhamnosus gg, the most clinically studied probiotic strain†† to help your digestive system work better; plus the prebiotic inulin.*
culturelle digestive health daily probiotic capsules, 30 ct proven effective – culturelle digestive health daily probiotic capsules are powered lactobacillus rhamnosus (lgg).
Lgg is the proven effective and clinically studied probiotic strain.
Lgg helps your digestive system work better.
Daily digestive health * – lgg is naturally sourced and scientifically proven to work in harmony with your body to keep your digestive system in balance.* helps with occasional digestive upset; including diarrhea, gas and bloating.* for daily use, take 1 vegetarian capsule per day no refrigeration required –every package of culturelle meets the highest standards for purity and potency when consumed - not just when we make it.
To preserve the billions of cfu’s (colony-forming units) in your culturelle, store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight safe and effective – over 1,000 scientific studies and 30 years of research have demonstrated the safety and efficacy of lgg probiotics.
Culturelle is vegetarian and contains no gluten▲, milk, soy, wheat or preservatives PROBIOTIC POWER – The doctors that discovered LGG found that it is strong enough to survive stomach acids and successfully set up shop in the intestines
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